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Eno River Festival performing with Drum Class


Jim Roberts is a cross-cultural  percussionist who combines his experiences of hand drumming in the African,, Cuban and  Brazilian traditions with drum set and foundations in jazz,  rock, classical, funk and soul music.  The use of groove is paramount in any workshop! With the use of  stories, songs and movement, Jim has workshops for many types of groups including community, school, corporate meetings, festivals, as well as masterclasses for college and high school ensembles.  

Community conversation - Hand Drums  

Communities thrive on doing activities together that promote joy, togetherness and friendship.  Hand drums are unique instruments in that nearly everyone, even little kids can get a sound immediately upon picking up a drum.  Jim will lead the group through the necessary tones to produce a sound and rhythms that everyone can enjoy and play. He can provide up to 10 drums.  

Schools also can organize drumming groups for members of the student body.  Workshops can provide the right balance of interest in a music curriculum to bring factions of students together to focus on a single goal. All you need is space and time. Drums and speciality instruments will be provided for an interactive experience.  

High Groove - More Advanced Hand Drumming  

Classes will be conducted to teach West African, Cuban and Brazilian rhtyhms.  West African music offers the most accessiable music for young groups.  Ensemble can consist of djembe drums, congas, dundun, shekere, bells as well as clave, and wahwah.  

Just the Groove~Drum Set Workshops  

As a student of the drum set one of the orginal creations from the United States, Jim can demonstrate the fundimentals of rock, jazz,with funk the spice of a hand drummer. He can discuss the intricacies of groove indifferent ensemble and stylistic situations.  He uses electronics (Roland Hand Sonic and Korg Wave Drum) in his playing for a contemporary flavor in the music.  

You Play~Masterclass - Drum Set, Band Percussion, Percussion Ensemble,  Hand Drums  

In Massterclass settings, Jim will demonstrate and listen to students perform and critique their playing. This is a unique opportunity for the student to progress quickly with the music that they are working on.  

What is your interest?
You tell Jim what your group needs and he will present it!

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