1. Creators

From the recording The Tao of Time

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What are we if not born to create?

©Jim Roberts
Calling the Kettle Black Music (BMI)
from The Tao of Time, released October 26, 2018

18. CREATORS (Jim Roberts)
JIM ROBERTS – Vocals, Balafon, Bass
TIM SMITH – Background Vocals

all rights reserved


When you are born into this place
The countdown begins and so does the race
Your childhood is filled with memories
It’ll last just a second just like a breeze

We search for time that belongs to us
Everyday creating from dawn to dusk
Trying to find the time for our mind
We try so hard not to fall behind

All that we are and all that we touch
Don’t give too little, don’t take too much
Fall on the ground and fill the cup
Find the rhythm of life with a little luck

The muse of creation has a soul
For you to touch and all to hold
Armies of art can win all wars
No destruction just cosmic force

All we imagine that we can be
Is the closest we get to being free
Love is real and so is truth
So give peace a chance
That’s the least we can do

What we’ll become the day we’re born
And what will we be when death sets us free
The beginning of time we cannot see
The end of time will never be

We’re creators, creating,
Creation everyday
In a million different ways

Uh Huh!