From the recording The Tao of Time

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The Isle of Umoja

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In Memory of Baba Chuck Davis
©Jim Roberts
Calling the Kettle Black Music (BMI)

from The Tao of Time, released October 26, 2018
17. THE ISLE OF UMOJA (Jim Roberts)

JIM ROBERTS – Vocals (Captain Time, Shipmate), Kalimba, Rainstick, Dununs, High Tinkly Stuff
ROB SHARER – Craic Crew,
all rights reserved


Shipmate: Captain, This is incredible~! where are we???

CT: Ahh laddies – we have reached the 44th century on the Isle of Umoja~ Umoja
As they say here.

Behold the sound of the healing rhythms – played by hand – with no machines –unheard of 2000 years ago.

After the great 1000 year war ending in 3211, the human civilizations on earth were all but destroyed. Humanity began rebuild itself but ever so slowly. In the carnage they found hidden in an arcane arts repository, audio of a great dance master, Baba Luck, whose message was Peace, Love Respect for Everybody – Umoja means unity.

That’s all that left of past civilizations. This island which broke away from a continent called Africa and the Americas is now the largest island and landmass on earth. It was joined together by bits and pieces of every continent during the great seismic events which started in the late 2000’s. From these humble rebirth let us affirm our zest life for the future and very distant past is all connected~!