1. Moral Compass

From the recording The Tao of Time

Moral Compass
©Jim Roberts
Calling the Kettle Black Music (BMI)


First Mate: Aye Captain! We’ve been through many a strange land and tongue. There’s confusion and darkness ahead. What is this time that we’re in and how do we find a direction through this perilous terrain? Ahhhhh

Captain Time: Aye Laddies! Fear not! The time is nigh and the time is always now. Our journey is guided by a very special instrument, which can only be felt in the sailor’s sails! My prized instrument, handled down from generations of seekers of truth is a compass, a moral compass. If we follow it, our souls will always be free!

from The Tao of Time, released October 26, 2018
09 MORAL COMPASS (Jim Roberts)
JIM ROBERTS – Captain Time
ROB SHARER – First Mate, Craic Crew

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