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From the recording The Tao of Time

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Carl Sagan inspired track that lays the foundation for the album

©Jim Roberts
Calling the Kettle Black Music (BMI)

from The Tao of Time, released October 26, 2018
05 UNIVERSAL (Jim Roberts)
JIM ROBERTS – Vocal, Electric Guitar, Drums, Kalimba, Conch Shell, Rainstick, Berimbau, Shaker, Indian Bells, Percussion
MIKE BABYAK – Lap Steel Guitar
EMMA DAVIS – Background Vocals
NANCY MIDDLETON – Background Vocals

all rights reserved


On earth we only see a small picture of our infinite universe and a limited
picture of our humanity. If all cultures, places and things represent the big
picture then what we see and what we base all our decisions on is the small picture!

The spacecraft Voyager One took a remarkable photograph from 3.7 billion miles from earth.
The earth was just a tiny speck! This photo confronted us with an inalienable truth-
Our reality is only based on a fragment of the total picture. We just represent one tiny hint of infinity, the small picture, just another place in space!

From our viewpoint we can only see our way of life, our cultures, and our customs. We only have one truth, one religion, one language and one nationality.
We invent our own truths!

We only learn what our culture deems important, our view of history, our view of economics and our way to govern. Our knowledge of the past is tempered by the powerful, the victors of wars, the strong or the wealthy. We even ignore our own cultures truth seekers, peacemakers and whistle blowers so we can create a vision of prosperity for others to see.

The destiny of the world is determined by stories that are believed whether true or fiction.

We make up stories about our own existence and how we were created and what is going to happen to us when we die. We associate justice with privilege instead of fairness and values. We remain loyal to stereotypes of superiority about race, gender and sexual orientation in order to create fear so that those in control, will remain in control.

In our reality, we only get one drop of time in the vast sea of existence of all things which is - the big picture. Some only see the small picture but the open minded strive for celebration and inclusiveness of all people, all cultures, all humanity and all life.

It should be our vision, our quest to see beyond the limitations of our existence and to perceive the vision of the path of the universe. This is a shared path of all that exists. On it you will find the truth, the universal knowledge that exists everywhere. This is the big, the infinite and the universal picture.

The Tao of Time