From the recording The Tao of Time

Captain Time readies the crew for the journey~!
Captain Time and his Craic (Pronounced crack) Crew
©Jim Roberts
Calling the Kettle Black Music (BMI)


Roll Call for the Captain!
Okay boys, are you ready for the journey - ahhhh
Stand and be counted - ouuuuuw~!
Historians! - ahhhh
Moralists! – xo@%@!
Distractors! – nana na na naaa
Instigators! - hahahah
Contrarians! - nayyyyy
Rhythmists! - badompbomp
And other mere musicians~ haaaaa- hahah
Okay, but just remember
Whenever you return home
You may not recognize it – or yourselves~

rom The Tao of Time, released October 26, 2018
Jim Roberts - Captain Time
Craic Crew - David DiGiuseppe, Rob Sharer