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Recent Discography 

Tim "TeeYum" Smith Participating At Last June 2023 (Drum Set, Djembe, Percussion)

Michael Melia It Was Summer April 2023 (Percussion)

Michael Melia  Waiting for Tomorrow  October 2021 (Percussion)

Roy Smith Mended Spirit 2021 (Percussion)

Lipbone Redding and Jim Roberts Freda Kahlo Riding Shotgun released July 6, 2021 (Percussion, Producer, Engineer, Mixing)

Lynn Swisher Spears  Walking the Cat June 2021 (Percussion)

Roam Like Ghosts that place you call home Jan 2021, (Percussion)

The Doug Prescott Band Let's Do Something Dangerous  2020 (Percussion) 

Karyn Oliver  A List of Names 2019  (Drum Set, Percussion)

Isabel Taylor  Isabel Taylor 2019 (Drum Set, Percussion)

Leah Kaufman  Midnight Refrain 2019 (Drum Set)

Jim Roberts The Tao of Time  2018 (Original Work, Production, Percussion, Engineering, Mixing)

Lipbone Redding  The Return of the Beautiful 2018 (Percussion, Engineering, Mixing)

The Doug Prescott Band One World: A Benefit for Kiribati 2017 (Percussion)

Let Jim add percussion to your song tracks! Live in your studio or in his DuArt studio, he can deliver professional quality drum set and percussion tracks to give your music that rhythmic or colorful quality that is missing. Contact Jim via the email signup above to discuss your project!