It's not my job to teach you to play - it's my job to inspire you to play or move or feel.  If you are inspired, no one can keep you from learning!

Drumming - Let's Do It!


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Playing drums is a dream for some! Let's just do it! All types of percussion lessons available online from Jim Roberts. Check out the possibilities - sign up now~! "Let's Do It" composed, recorded, and mixed at DuArt Studio by Jim Roberts. Video editing and production by Tyler Litwin. 

"I love music and I believe that music can set you free.  It is my honor to teach, perform, produce, and write music as there are many amazing people that have dedicated themselves to this way of life. There is nothing nobler.  For me, rhythm is the foundation of life." 

Recent Discography 

Lynn Swisher Spears - Walking the Cat (release Sping 2021)

Roam Like Ghosts that place you call home (Jan 2021, Percussion)

The Doug Prescott Band Let's Do Something Dangerous  2020 (Percussion) 

Karyn Oliver - A List of Names 2019  (Drum Set, Percussion)

Isabel Taylor - Isabel Taylor 2019 (Drum Set, Percussion)

Leah Kaufman - Midnight Refrain 2019 (Drum Set)

Jim Roberts -The Tao of Time 2018 (Original Work, Production)

Lipbone Redding - The Return of the Beautiful 2018 (Percussion, Engineering, Mixing)

The Doug Prescott Band One World: A Benefit for Kiribati 2017 (Percussion)