Woodstock and Beyond: Songs of Love and Protest by The Quadrivium Project

Lincoln Theatre, 126 E Cabarrus St, , Raleigh, NC

Featuring Jim on percussion Quadrivium: the four subjects of a medieval university curriculum, comprised of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. The mission of The Quadrivium Project is to engage faculty and students in a collaborative model based on creative destruction and renewal. TQP’s primary directive illustrates the arts’ (music in this case) potential on campus to catalyze disparate disciplines through synchronic intellectual and creative action. More simply put, The Quadrivium Project is NC State University’s faculty rock band. It’s also a research project (Quadrivium Project) for the group members and their students, fully embracing NC State’s brand theme of Think and Do. Looking at the music, artistry, history, culture, fashion, physical and emotional well-being, and technology of the artists whose music TQP plays, as well as the logistics of performing a professional rock show with state-of-the-art lighting, design, projections and sound, this research not only informs the performances but also provides students with entrepreneurial opportunities. While the Quadrivium Project band’s performances are the public face of the project, and, let’s be honest – a really engaging and fun time for the members! – it’s the research and resulting student projects that will be prove to be the longest lasting and most meaningful contributions. Current and former student projects, emanating from students in a wide variety of majors, are moving from thinking and into doing and will allow other live music groups to benefit from new items which are aimed at making live contemporary music performances more easily successful.