Thank you and all your percussionist compadres for an evening that I was lucky enough to be in attendance for! It is still resonating in my soul! MUCH NEEDED! Appreciate having access to the second act of the evening on a recording. Joyous Summer Solstice in Peace Jim....CORI”



I love what Jim has done for my projects. He is like a great chef who can season any dish. He has dedicated his life to the world of music and bring experience to every project. He has the ears of an artist and can paint with the brush strokes of percussion.”

— Futureman of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

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JUST ADDED - BLAST from the Past photo section

0421 8

North Carolina Rhythm Project 

Four years ago today, I started a improvisational group with Mark Little that by the second incarnation became known as the NC Rhythm Project.  My intent is to use different musicians (from across North Carolina) to create a improvisational performance that is both rhythm and melodically based.  It is the type of situation that causes each musician to use their ears and experience as a guide as to when to play, when to remain silent and when to solo or groove. It is challenging to keep it up for a sustained time but is certainly doable. I want to play with people that I feel comfortable with and people that I also enjoy their personal contributions to the music. Please come out and see the newest incarnation of the NC Rhythm Project. We will be performing at the Oasis in Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro on June 18 at 8:00. I hope to see you there~!


After a lot of years, the new web site is finally ready!  I'm excited to step into the modern world and have an updated site to bring the best in percussion  news and activities. My life is consumed with beautiful music and rhythm and I want to share it with you. 

Here I will be able to keep you up to date with gigs, lesson information, production projects, new music and more. Come back often as the site will be updated regularly. If you have questions about solo performances. gigs, lessons, production, Elon or percussion feel free to ask and I will get back as soon as possible. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope to share much more soon~!

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Previous events

NC Rhythm Project

Sharp 9 Gallery, 4608 Industry Lane, Durham, NC 27713

Jim Roberts and the North Carolina Rhythm Project

Percuss (pəˈkʌs) vb (tr) 1. to strike sharply, rapidly, or suddenly 2. (Medicine) med to tap on (a body surface) with the fingertips or a special hammer to aid diagnosis or for therapeutic purposes Jim Roberts is a cross-cultural world percussionist and native North Carolinian. He percusses with all matter of music making idiophones and membranophones. From West African djembe and hand percussion to drum set with electronic goodies and high tinkly hypnotic devices, Jim isn’t afraid to try something new or unexplored. His fascination with all things rhythmic started when he was a baby, beating on pots and pans under the sink and has continued from childhood to present day. His North Carolina Rhythm Project is an Experimental Improvisatory group designed to explore the boundaries of sound, rhythm and texture. This group features different combinations of highly intuitive musicians. This concert features 3 additional percussionists from NC. They are Beverly Botsford, Robert Cantrell and Dan Davis. Each of these percussionists has a distinguished career in the percussive arts and brings different cultural expertise to the mix of music being presented. The show draws upon their experience to improvise in the many disciplines of percussion including African, Brazilian and Cuban music, jazz, classical, pop, rock, drum corps, electronica and more.


 —  —

The Pinhook, 117 W Main St,, Durham, North Carolina 27701

Sad Magazine features two writers from the Sun Magazine who were inspired by Mad Magazine. I will be playing drum set along with Jefferson Hart on bass. It should be a great time!

Peter Mawanga and the Amaravi Movement

Carrboro Commons, 301 W Main St, Carrboro, NC

All the way from Malawi, Peter puts on a high energy and wonderful show. I'll be playing the last few tunes with him. Come on out for this all day 4th of July extravaganza! It'ss free.

Jim Roberts & The NC Rhythm Project

 —  —

Oasis in Carr Mill , 200 N Greensboro St, Carrboro, NC

North Carolina Rhythm Project is an experimental improvisatory group designed to explore the boundaries of sound, rhythm and texture. It features different combinations of highly intuitive musicians. This show will feature Beverly Botsford, Robert Cantrell and Dan Davis.

Craicdown - OcraFolk Festival 2016

 —  —

Ocracoke Island, , Ocracoke, NC 27960

Craicdown will perform in various configurations with the performers of OcraFolk. This is our 6th year of working with the festival.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken 5

 —  —

The Carrboro Arts Center, 300-G E Main St, Carrboro, NC

In spring 2012 local guitarist Danny Gotham organized a memorable benefit concert involving a live presentation of songs from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s iconic album of 40 years prior, Will the Circle Be Unbroken. Danny and his colleagues have made this a tradition at The ArtsCenter, and Songs from the Circle returns for its fifth incarnation this year on April 1st. This event builds on the material of the album, paying homage in a more general sense to the classics, with an occasional original that stays in the spirit of classic country and bluegrass.